911 Course List

  1. 209A- with all the new changes for “2018/2019″
  2. Constitutional Law Issues
  3. CORI & Public Records
  4. HIPAA Issues
  5. Supervisors
  6. What Public Safety Dispatchers MUST know about calls regarding persons with Autism
  7. Massachusetts Terrorism Act
  8. How to Survive Dispatch Stress
  9. PTSD and the call handler
  10. Health & Wellness Issues for Dispatch
  11. Liability Issues
  12. Providing Customer Service
  13. Improving Dispatcher Performance
  14. Talking to Individuals in crisis resulting from domestic incidents and others & Managing emotionally disturbed people for Dispatchers
  15. Written Communications: Preparing to testify and giving depositions for the public safety
  16. Dispatcher handling potential suicide calls and active suicide calls
  17. Testifying Weapons- with all the new changes for “2018/2019″
  18. Active Shooter & Emergency Situations
  19. Disclosing HIV & AIDS Info.
  20. Verbal Judo
  21. How to Avoid Dispatcher Fatigue
  22. Officer safety concerns for Dispatchers
  23. Social Media for Dispatchers
  24. Spanish for Dispatchers
  25. Thinking past the stigma of Addiction for Dispatchers
  26. Understanding the Massachusetts Opioid Crisis for Dispatchers
  27. The Dynamics of Domestic and Family Violence for Dispatchers
  28. Radio Communications for Dispatch
  29. How Dispatchers should handle Bomb Threat calls
  30. 911 Anonymous Calls; The legality of Police Action when the Caller refuses to cooperate
  31. Sexual and Other Forms of Harassment in the Workplace for Dispatchers
  32. Overdoses for Dispatch
  33. Rail Road related Issues for Dispatch
  34. Vital Responsibilities of Dispatch during a Pursuit
  35. What to know about Amber Alerts for Dispatchers
  36. Mental Health First Aid for Dispatchers